Parish News

Click here to download April’s Parish News

As well as online Parish News, we have printed 500 all-colour copies.

These have been distributed via Milnthorpe Primary School bookbags and Levens Primary School bookbags (with thanks to the schools).

They’re also available to pick up from: 

  • Heversham ~ the Easter display in the porch at St Peter’s
  • Milnthorpe ~ Living Well, Chip Shop, Spar and Booths
  • Levens ~ Village Shop and Easter Garden at St John’s. 

We’re thinking we’ll have the same system for May’s Parish News and June’s Parish News, then with restrictions easing on the roadmap, hopefully be able to return to full delivery at the end of June for an ALL COLOUR SUMMER ISSUE.  That is the hope. Also, we await the go-ahead from Carlisle Diocese for Parish News to be delivered across the county again. We’ll be in contact with the Distribution Team in due course. 

Stay Safe everyone

Ed Team